Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Wood using 3D-parameter
Considering Tactile Sense

For the eveluation of the surface roughness, the tactile feeling could be one of the important measures. The fingers touching something contact a lot of tiny peaks on the surface. The new 3D-parameter in here, the isolated peak, was based on the idea that isolated peaks of a surface might strongly effect on tactile roughness. The parameter was calculated for five kinds of specimen and the relationship between the parameter and the tactile roughness were considered.

relationship between distribution of the isolated point and tactile roughness
Relationship between distribution of roughness profile peaks (upper), isolated peaks (lower)
and tactile roughness.

Isolated peak is the highest point in a given area (1 by 1mm), which is higher than 12µm.
In this condition, No significant relation is found between the distribution of isolated points and the tactile roughness.
In order to correspond them, some other conditions of the determination of isolated points should be added.

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