Effect of Erasure of Deep Valleys
on Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Wood

We proposed a new method of roughness evaluation of machined surface of hardwood regardless of its cellular structure, in which specified deep valleys were excluded from roughness profiles.

Erasure of deep valleys from roughness profile

Certain areas whch contain a valley deeper than the threshold and their adjacent data in roughness prifle were excluded from the calculation of roughness parameters and replaced by 0 (zero).

Roughness parameters were calculated from the areas which is NOT excluded.
procedure of erasure of deep valleys

Relationship between surface roughness and grit number of coated abrasives
Wood surfaces of Japanese oak(Quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata) were sanded by coated abrasives from P80-P400 , and then one series of them were painted with poly-urethane based paint and the other not coated.
Primary profiles were measured by stylus method and then roughness profiles were obtained by using the Gaussian desital filter with cut-off value 2.5mm.
Surface roughness of Ra, Ry, S, Sm were calculated from the roughness profiles.
relationship between surface roughness and grit number of coated abrasives

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