Assessment of Wood Surface Roughness:
A comparison between tactile roughness and three-dimensional parameters

- Relationship between cut-off wavelength and tactile roughness -

In the current study, the surfaces of two species of hardwood were sanded with abrasive papers of several grit numbers. Two three-dimensional parameters describing these surfaces, one for the distribution of roughness-profile peaks, the other for the relative area of roughness-profile peaks above the threshold height, were compared with their tactile roughness. The parameters were obtained from roughness profiles determined by the robust Gaussian regression filter (RGRF) using seven cut-offs. There has been a good correlation between tactile roughness and these parameters determined from irregularities which were higher than 10 or 15 µm. The coefficients of determination between Arp and tactile roughness showed maxima at cut-offs of 2.5 to 16.0 for all cutting levels except 0 µm.

parameters used in this study
tactile roughness and parameter 1