Detection of AE Generated by The Termite Attack Using Piezo-electric Polymer Film

- Application for The AE Transducer in The Monitoring Station -

For monitoring the termite attack around the houses, containers called monitoring station buried under the ground are used for bait system. In this system, termite attacks are detected  by monitoring the wood stakes in the containers periodically using visual inspection. In this study, for monitoring the termite attack to wood stakes in the monitoring station nondestructively, using acoustic emission (AE) method, piezo-electric polymer film was applied for AE transducer in the monitoring station. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film with the most sensitivity among piezoelectric polymers was applied for the AE transducer by inserting between the wood specimens and AEs generated by termite attack to the wood specimens were detected by the PVDF film, and the property of AE detection of PVDF film and the feasibility of AE monitoring in the station were investigated.

Fig. 1. Detection of artificial AE by PVDF film or AE transducer

Fig. 2. Inserting PVDF film between the wood specimens and attaching AE transducer on the cross section

Fig. 3. Relationship between the average amplitude of artificial AE
and propagating distance

Fig. 4. Inserted PVDF film between the wood specimens
and attached AE transducer on the cross section

Fig. 5. AE event rates detected by PVDF films or AE transducers at the wood specimen A or B

Fig. 6. Comparison of average of AE event rates detected by PVDF films or AE transducers at the wood specimen A or B

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