Acoustic Emission (AE) Detected from Wood Attacked by Powder-post Beetle

Acoustic Emissions (AE) of the burst type were detected from the air-dry sapwood of Parashorea sp., which were inoculated with larvae of the Powder-post Beetle(Lyctus brunneus Stephens). Piezoelectric sensors of resonant frequency of 150kHz were attached to the specimen. More AEs were detected from the specimens with more larvae inoculated. AE generation were confirmed, the first term up to 200 hours when the AE events increased rapidly, the second one up to 500 hours of less increasing of AEs and the last 100 hours of rapid increase, respectively. These phases could be associated with the three growing stages of larva, pupae, and adults, respectively.

picture of powder-post beetle
AE measurement example of detected AE
time change of AE events

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