Observation of Feeding Behavior of Termite Using Video-microscope

-Relationship Between Feeding Behavior and AE Generation-

Three pest termite species, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, Reticulitermes speratus(Kolbe)and Cryprotermes domesticus Haviland were used to investigate the relationship between the types of feeding behavior and the generation of acoustic emission(AE) using a charge coupled device(CCD) camera under AE monitoring. Three types of feeding behavior, "pulling", "cutting" and "scraping", basically using the mandible and the maxillae, were observed with the CCD camera. When pulling behavior was observed, AEs of large amplitude were interruptedly detected. Frequent AEs of lower amplitude were detected when cutting and scraping were observed.

specimen and experimental setup type of feeding behavior relationship between feeding behaviors and AE amplitude relationship between number of feeding behaviors and AE event

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