Detection of Termite Attack Using AE Sensor with Waveguide

-Application of Screw-type Waveguide-

To effectively detect AEs generated by termite attack inside of house walls, it is necessary to use a waveguide attached to the AE sensor that penetrated walls to reach the inner posts or studs. In the laboratory testing, performance of a screw-type waveguide was discussed. AE sensor was attached to the head of screw-type waveguide put in the wood specimen. Higher amplitude of AEs generated by termite attack was detected for the sensor with screw-type wave guide. AE sensor could detect AEs on the surface of the wood specimen, on the other hand, AEs could be detected effectively inner the wood using screw-type waveguide. In this finding, it is possible to use the screws that have been already put in the construction members of the wooden house as waveguide.

picture of waveguide
Screw-type wave guide
setup of waveguide
experimental setup

AE amplitude and detection distance

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