Development of AE Detector for Termite Attack

Acoustic Emission(AE) is defined as the class of phenomena whereby transient elastic waves are generated by the rapid release of energy from a localized source or sources within a material, or the transient elastic wave(s) so generated(ASTM F 914-85).
Though the destruction by the termite attack also generates AE, it has a very small energy and the generated AEs are the vibration of ultrasound. We cannot hear and feel the AEs directly.
In our research, AEs generated by the termite attack were detected using AE sensor, and the relationship between the feeding activity of termites and AE signals is already confirmed.

For the nondestructive detection of the termite attack in wood in its initial stage, two types of AE monitoring systems was considered.
Realtime measuring system of AE generated by termite attack Unmanned measuring system of AE data

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